MC06 – Metalicraft Chess Set




MC06 – Metalicraft Chess Set – (Bigbang XL & Fortune XL) – T01YG06KP0405V01

Pieces: BigBang XL (T01)
Plating Type: Tin Antique (KP04), Copper Antique (KP05)
Weight of Pieces: 1.5 kg / Set
Dimensions of Pieces: King: 8.5 cm, Queen: 7.5 cm, Bishop: 6 cm Knight: 5.5 cm, Rook: 5 cm, Pawn: 4.5 cm
Board: Fortune XL (YG06)
Material: MDF, Transfer Printing, UV Varnish
Weight of Board: 1.55 kg
Dimensions of Board: 37 cm x 37 cm x 1.2 cm
Stock Code: T01YG06KP0405V01